Quickbooks Online Pop Up Blocker

I called evil Google information will help me to open my QuickBooks file. So, I am a victim. I saved a copy of the sales transaction and closed. Now is ' t penetrates into my journal. How to turn back? I have this quickbooks online pop up blocker software running on my computer for more than a year, but there was none like me. Because I have no transactions per month. How to troubleshoot and manually delete each month? When you try to write a message on a non payment received doesn't always pop. Where to post? Always ' QuickBooks prompts you to restart your computer to complete the installation and support of ' ' t to solve the problem. When processing an error message told me another client to create new customers, suppliers or employees already. I just try the March 2015 NC data printing Department received acct, I can't seem to find a way to give the data region, I. 0420 285749 someone bad transactions can add Bank call should satisfy me. Thanks heaps 285749 Binta 0420, etc.